About Us

FindMyWebSite.com was birthed on a bus ride back home from San Francisco in early February of 2006. Sitting on the bus after a long day at work, a phrase dropped into my head: “FindMyWebSite.com”. My next thought was, “What am I going to do with that?” When I got home, I went online to see if the domain name was available. Low and behold, it was. Not knowing exactly what I was going to do with FindMyWebSite.com, I purchased the domain rights for two years and the rest was history.


Another week went by and I needed to do some research on the Internet. The moment I typed the keywords into the search box I knew the purpose for FindMyWebSite.com: To help businesses get their website found on the Internet by making it more visible to search engines. That is the FindMyWebSite.com story.

Our Philosophy

  1. We do one thing well. Make your Website visible to you target audience on the Internet.
  2. We listen more than we talk.
  3. We walk out our commitments in real time.
  4. We place our service to your company above our interests.
  5. We recognize our influence, success, and growth is dependent upon our customer service. You are our best form of advertisement!
  6. We realize if people cannot find your Website, we have not done our job. This is not an option.
  7. We place character and integrity above everything esle. Because we know and believe these two pillars is what matters most.