SEO Client Testimonials

“ is a great service and the name says it all! Milt not only knows how to do search engine optimization, he takes the time and trouble to learn about your business and the prospects and clients that you want to reach. That’s how he is able to select the right key words and descriptions to give each client the best optimization possible.

We’ve seen an increase not just in our website stats, but in the number of people calling or emailing us from the website. Having a website without SEO is like having a brick and mortar business and not putting a sign on the door, and really did the trick for us!”

Sara Malone, Owner

“Milt and have done a wonderful job bringing to the top of the list. We have a great website showing the beautiful houses we have completed, but we were getting feedback from customers that it was difficult to find us on the Internet. was able to help us accomplish our goals and become one of the top 3 search results for architects in Mill Valley in less than 6 months.

Milt is great to work with, and the results far exceeded our expectations.

We highly recommend and look forward to working with them in the future!”

Barbara Chambers, CEO
Chambers & Chambers Architects

“Your service has improved our rankings to a level we would not have been able to achieve. We have used other “ranking” companies in the past and none have produced results even close to what you have done. We certainly intend to continue using your company as we move forward with new products and markets.”

Marc Allsman
AE Light (Allsman Enterprises, LLC)

“ has done a stellar job for We are a great culinary destination – but few knew that we existed until optimized by Milt Hodges and his group. Originally, our Google referrals were 5% with BW content seldom returned in their searches. Six months later – after the optimization of over 1,000 pages – Google referrals were 73% with our content often displayed in the first two pages of their search results. Visitor traffic and page views shot-up 300% – an all time high – and it continues growing.

I highly recommend and look forward to working with them on BW and future web projects.”

Barbara Adams, President
TediJak Productions, LLC

“Out of 405 million search results on “New Life Christian Center”, our site consistently ranks between the first and third position on page one of Google.. Findmywebsite has helped us maintain a high level of visibility online, and significantly increased unique visitor hits on our website. Additionally, their team has been great to work with!”

Caleb and Rachel Klinge, Lead Pastors
New Life Christian Center

“Before using services I was no where on the first page of google or yahoo, even after utilizing google ads. But as soon as optimized my website I was popping up on the first page under the top three on google and yahoo, without paying for the advertising. In the first week my business doubled. A million thanks for making me visible on the internet. I highly recommend your services.”

Ann Munene
ACE Mobile Notary

“Thank you for helping ETC Catering become visible on the web. We really appreciate your attention to detail, expediency and pleasant manner. The majority of our new clients are people who did a search on line and found us right away. We will highly recommend your services at to other businesses.”

Kate and David Dorfler